Your photo tour leader, Francesca Dani, has led photo tours & workshops across the globe. Along with expert guides, she’ll take you from Tuscany, Florence, Cinque Terre and other areas, highlighting some of the premier photography spots that each region has to offer.
We’ll visit some of the most beautiful and photogenic parts of Italy as we lead you on various winery tours, tastings and history tours.
So travel with us on this one-of-a-kind Photo Tour of Italy!

Life Inside
The Contrade

The Palio is the most important event in Siena, taking place on July and August every year. In the Palio the various Sienese "contrade", or areas in which the city is divided, challenge in other in a passionate horse race in the heart of the city in the Piazza del Campo. The Palio is much more than a simple event for the Sienese, it actually is a large part of their lives since the time of their birth. 


Tuscany is an ancient land where a lot of history went through since the Etruscans to the Renaissance. This is so rich in mysterious places, where historical events cross with legends.
Talking about Italy, people always think about places like the Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum, Canal Grande, etc.
However, in Italy there are also other places that are off the tourists’ radar. Places where history mixes with mystery, superstition and legend.

Tours &
In Italy

It’s no secret that Italy has been a popular destination for centuries. Its rich culture, storied history and vibrant works of art have long lured travelers in search of adventure and romance.
Ialy proudly features some 49 UNESCO-designated World Heritage Sites, more than any other country in the world! But even beyond the famous sights, natural treasures and landmarks, there lies a side of authentic Italy just waiting to be explored.

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